What should a JavaScript specialist be?

The company of any scale and any sphere needs specialists in JavaScript. This is justified by the fact that everyone needs to have their own website or other web product in order to confidently stay in the global market. Web development as a whole is growing and developing very rapidly. The JavaScript specialist should be able to use the tools to create a comfortable space for the client when using the company's website. And the skills https://elitex.systems/blog/what-javascript-experts-should-know/ of the specialist are not limited to this.

JavaScript and what tasks does he perform?

A JavaScript developer is a specialist who can simultaneously work with the client part, as well as prescribe code for the site itself and its work. Using this programming language makes the product much more dynamic and interesting. It enables animation, site scrolling, and more.

Java Script skills

There is no more popular programming language at the moment, in addition, forecasts indicate that this is so far invariable. Among its main advantages are:

  • Support for all modern web browsers

  • A sufficiently broad scope of application of the language;

  • A large selection of tools for both frontend and backend work;

  • easy to absorb and apply.

Where does the JavaScript specialist work?

If a specialist can correctly write code on JavaScript, owns HTML and CSS, then he is in demand in different positions, for example:

  1. Frontend-development of sites and applications;

  2. Development and maintenance of server applications;

  3. writing code for those companies that build software based on freelance;

  4. Analyzing the operation of an existing product

  5. correcting errors.

In fact, this functionality is unlimited. Wherever web development is involved, such a specialist is needed.


The JavaScript developer must understand the following points:

  • frontend frameworks;

  • Web layout;

  • NodeJS and backend frameworks;

  • Test your code for errors

  • ensuring the security of users on the Internet.

As a rule, skills can be replenished in the process of work. Do not be afraid of a large list of concepts, in the process of work each specialist somehow encounters them and enters into daily use. Among other things, developers on the JavaScript should not neglect literacy, because you will have to conduct business correspondence with customers and fellow developers quite often.



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